Wednesday, December 10, 2014

TSU (sounds like sue)

Okay guys, this is a new social networking site. (new for me)

I'm still learning the ropes, but if y'all want to follow or friend me I'd love to see you there.

The next big thing? Who knows...

Hope to see you there!

Jo Ellen

Oh, you can join by clicking my link or anyone else's link who is on TSU.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Devlin's Story

I'm trying to finish up Devlin's story. Can I just say this book will be out soon? Sorry y'all, but it just isn't ready to be published yet. I think I'm becoming anal...Checking everything over again and again. You know, those annoying typo's. There, their, they're. Throne, thrown. Rode, road. BIG SIGH!

Here is a brief synopsis of (still not sure if I like this title) Wolf Creek Ghosts: Devlin & Olivia

Devlin's mate sees and talks to ghosts. There is one in particular that she is trying to help 'cross over' to the other side. Then there is Willie, an evil serial killer.

Devlin is his usual funny self. His mate is tall, beautiful, and loves a good manicure.

Ian and Melanie, Niall, Robert, Rafe and Lisa are a part of Devlin's story also.

They are trying to stop Willie from hurting another woman by traveling to the death realm to confront him. Devlin has a difficult time with his mate putting herself in danger.

Hey, I said it would be brief...

Thank you all for being so very patient with me.

Jo Ellen

Friday, August 22, 2014



Wednesday, August 13, 2014

1st Person? 3rd Person?

I was looking for a new book, something with a good story and not just sex. I'll read just about anything, except for deliberate cruelty. Years ago I would read Stephen King as soon as a new book came out. Remember Misery? I could not finish it. Now, that is rare for me.

Okay, back to the point of this post. I do not like to read in first person. Skimming through the blurbs, if the author is penning the book in first person, I move on. Why? I don't know. So now I'm trying to figure it out.

My daughter likes reading in first person. Is it her generation? Maybe. I've always written in third person, not even attempting to change my ways.

Thinking about it, writing in third person gives me a distance from my character so I can sit back and see the whole picture, I think.

Enough of my rambling, it's late. I am still working on Devlin's story, trying to wrap it up for proof reading and editing. Then get the cover made and sent off to be formatted. Oh how I look forward to that moment when the hard work is done and the book is published! But then, the next one is burning to be written. Sigh. Why did I start this series with so many characters? :-D

Actually, I love writing my stories and seeing their personalities come alive. Strong men, strong women. I hate wimps...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sex Scenes

I write them, I read them. I consider mine to be rather tame. I mean, beyond insert tab A into slot B, what can you say? Well, you can write about feelings so that it doesn't come across as an anatomy lesson.

How many different ways are there to write about sex? Somber, happy, funny, consumed, dedicated? Hmm, dedicated. That one strikes me as funny. Picture it. Someone being just so darn dedicated to sex. Maybe that crosses into nymphoism.

Sad to say, I've gotten to the point where I simply skim through the sex scenes in the books I read now. Unless I see dialogue. I find I'm more interested in what the characters are saying than what they're doing. I'm still working on my Wolf Creek Series and I'm still writing Devlin's story. He's the funny one, so how could I leave that part of his personality out during sex? I can't. I do not want my characters to suddenly become boring and change who they are simply to make sure I get that scene in the book. I don't want a copy and paste sex scene where every guy I've written about sound exactly the same.

Do I describe body parts? Seems kind of repetitive. Velvet covered steel? That one kills me! I gotta work it in somehow. Oh, then there's the, "He was so huge, he bumped her cervix." Well, all I can add to that is, "Ow!"

I'm being facetious, I know. Reading blogs about what the readers have said about these scenes are downright funny. They, (the readers) pick up on stuff you hadn't thought about before.

Last thought. Sex on a horse? Yeah, I read a romance novel recently with that scene going on. Again, my comment is simply, "Ow..."