Friday, April 11, 2014

Sex Scenes

I write them, I read them. I consider mine to be rather tame. I mean, beyond insert tab A into slot B, what can you say? Well, you can write about feelings so that it doesn't come across as an anatomy lesson.

How many different ways are there to write about sex? Somber, happy, funny, consumed, dedicated? Hmm, dedicated. That one strikes me as funny. Picture it. Someone being just so darn dedicated to sex. Maybe that crosses into nymphoism.

Sad to say, I've gotten to the point where I simply skim through the sex scenes in the books I read now. Unless I see dialogue. I find I'm more interested in what the characters are saying than what they're doing. I'm still working on my Wolf Creek Series and I'm still writing Devlin's story. He's the funny one, so how could I leave that part of his personality out during sex? I can't. I do not want my characters to suddenly become boring and change who they are simply to make sure I get that scene in the book. I don't want a copy and paste sex scene where every guy I've written about sound exactly the same.

Do I describe body parts? Seems kind of repetitive. Velvet covered steel? That one kills me! I gotta work it in somehow. Oh, then there's the, "He was so huge, he bumped her cervix." Well, all I can add to that is, "Ow!"

I'm being facetious, I know. Reading blogs about what the readers have said about these scenes are downright funny. They, (the readers) pick up on stuff you hadn't thought about before.

Last thought. Sex on a horse? Yeah, I read a romance novel recently with that scene going on. Again, my comment is simply, "Ow..."