Wolf Creek Alpha

Texas Pack 1

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A witch, learning how to use her newly found powers.
An alpha werewolf, discovering love and laughter with his new mate.

Lisa is a snarky witch using humor to navigate her new 'normal'.
Rafe is an alpha male, growling one moment, then grinning the next as he tries to corral his stubborn, defiant witch.

Lisa has no idea that magic actually exists until she is threatened by a powerful dark fae--and until she meets the alpha of the East Texas wolf pack. Rafe is in charge of guarding the pack's magical pond. And, now, he's in charge of guarding Lisa too.

When a seer from the cougar pride has a vision concerning all shifters, Rafe must ask the light fae to help him protect Lisa and the pond from the menace that threatens them all.

Rafe knows Lisa is his mate. Convincing her is another matter.

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