Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Devlin's Story

I'm trying to finish up Devlin's story. Can I just say this book will be out soon? Sorry y'all, but it just isn't ready to be published yet. I think I'm becoming anal...Checking everything over again and again. You know, those annoying typo's. There, their, they're. Throne, thrown. Rode, road. BIG SIGH!

Here is a brief synopsis of (still not sure if I like this title) Wolf Creek Ghosts: Devlin & Olivia

Devlin's mate sees and talks to ghosts. There is one in particular that she is trying to help 'cross over' to the other side. Then there is Willie, an evil serial killer.

Devlin is his usual funny self. His mate is tall, beautiful, and loves a good manicure.

Ian and Melanie, Niall, Robert, Rafe and Lisa are a part of Devlin's story also.

They are trying to stop Willie from hurting another woman by traveling to the death realm to confront him. Devlin has a difficult time with his mate putting herself in danger.

Hey, I said it would be brief...

Thank you all for being so very patient with me.

Jo Ellen