Wolf Creek Sheriff
Texas Pack 4

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Colin is the sheriff of Wolf Creek, and a protector at heart. Easy going and laid-back, unless something threatens his mate or his pack. 

But sometimes there’s an enemy so evil, so hell-bent on destroying humans, that a patient wolf shifter turns into the fiercest predator. 

Stephanie is a 911 dispatcher who thinks she’s lucked out to meet a guy as handsome and kind as Colin, a man who finally makes her feel safe in a world she knows is filled with evil. But when she learns the truth about her seemingly ordinary world—that it’s anything but normal—Stephanie must face grave dangers that she never thought possible. 

It turns out, she is not just a regular girl at all—she’s an empath. And her new boyfriend Colin isn’t just a small town sheriff—but a wolf shifter bound to her by loyalty and love. 

And now Stephanie and Colin must race against time, keeping Amon and his war against humans from becoming a reality. 

Together, the two of them must stop Amon, a dragon with a delusional God complex, hell-bent on taking over not just Wolf Creek…but the world itself. 

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