Saturday, August 24, 2013

Books by Jo Ellen

Lisa is surprised to learn that she is a witch and has a werewolf for a mate. Fighting against a dark fae who wants to steal her magic, she will quickly learn how to use her newfound abilities. With the help from Melissa, the cougar clans seer, they will confront Ciar, the dark fae. Lisa does not easily accept Rafe as her mate, even though she is irresistibly drawn to him. His job as alpha to his pack is to guard the magical pond that sits in front of his home, while trying to keep his new mate safe. Rafe receives help from the Faeiry Queen in the form of her personal guard, Robert. Rafe and his brothers, Ian and Devlin will protect Lisa with their lives as she learns of worlds she never knew existed.

She is a confident woman that does not blindly go along with Rafe when he tells her she belongs to him. She uses humor to cover her fears and believes sarcasm to be a great tool to get her point across. Rafe knows he'll have a difficult time telling her that he's a werewolf without making her run from him.

                    iTunes              Wolf Creek Alpha (Texas Pack, #1) - Jo Ellen  

Melanie hitchhikes across New Mexico looking for this 'thing' that is pulling at her. As a druid who travels through time helping lost souls, she knows that this feeling is different. On the side of the highway, she meets Ian when he stops to give her a ride. He recognizes her as his mate immediately, furious that she would travel alone on the deserted road. Melanie is quite comfortable with the big, bad, wolf. Being a carefree and untroubled woman, her spontaneity will challenge Ian's rigid self-discipline. 
When called into service to rescue someone lost in time, her brother David lends his help, along with Ian and his brother, Devlin. Finding an evil wizard bent on using her for her abilities, they are furious when she is taken. Ian will let nothing stand in his way of finding his mate and killing the wizard.  
Ian and Melanie will journey through time to Scotland, see the land of Faeiry, and meet the Faeiry Queen on their travels.

                                     iTunes         Wolf Creek Enforcer (Texas Pack, #2) - Jo Ellen